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5 hidden corners to see in Venice

I’m excited to share an interesting trip to Venice with you, but I promise not to mention the most famous places like San Marco and Rialto.Alternatively, I’ll tell you about five incredible hidden locations!


Here is my list of hidden Venetian treasures:


1. Burano Island: If you love bright colors and quiet canals, you absolutely must visit this small island. Burano is well-known for its lace-making customs and vibrant homes.

It is perfect for a romantic walk away from the crowds.

2. Fondamenta delle Zattere: This long walk along the Giudecca Canal offers breathtaking views of the Venice lagoon.

Get away from the tourist crowds and enjoy a more laid-back environment here. Down the street, there’s also a fantastic ice cream shop!

3. The Scala Contarini del Bovolo: This hidden spiral staircase is a true architectural jewel.┬áSituated next to Campo Manin, it provides an amazing sweeping view of Venice’s roofs. Ready to take in the scenery by ascending the stairs?

4. Acqua Alta Bookshop: This quirky bookshop is a book lover’s paradise. You’ll find stacks of books outside, bookcases made of gondolas and even a book staircase leading to a spectacular view of the Grand Canal. A visit here is a unique experience.

5. Ghetto of Venice: A few steps from the most tourist places is the Ghetto of Venice, the oldest Jewish neighborhood in the world. This historic area was a refuge for Jewish communities and today offers a profound testimony to the Jewish history of Venice.

Are you getting hungry?

Let’s move on to the mouthwatering cuisine! The most amazing food I had in Venice was the “telline”, which is basically a variety of clams served with fresh spaghetti.Despite being simple, this dish tastes great, especially when paired with a glass of regional wine.

As for cheap stay, I discovered a charming hostel in the Cannaregio neighborhood called “Generator Venice”.The hostel is well-located for budget-conscious city exploration, with shared and private rooms available as well as a contemporary, clean atmosphere.

I really hope that this information will be useful to you as you plan your next vacation to Venice! Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you need any more advice or details. Have fun traveling to the canal city!