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How to arrive in Venice


Once you arrive at the Venice Marco Polo Airport, your first step is to find your way outside. Once you’re past the baggage claim area, look for a taxi stand or ask someone where it is. Then tell the driver where you want to go—the most common destination in Venice is Piazza San Marco (the square with La Fenice and other famous landmarks). If they don’t know how to get there, they can probably call an English-speaking friend who does.

The ride will take about 20 minutes and cost between 50 and 100 euros depending on how far away from downtown you are staying (your hotel will probably have an idea of what this should be). The taxi ride may seem expensive but keep in mind that it’s faster than taking public transport for tourists who don’t speak Italian or wait for a bus or waterbus with no ticket.


The bus is the cheapest option, and it’s also one of the best. It takes 2 hours to get to Venice from Milan and leaves every 30 minutes, making it convenient for those who have luggage or small children.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious travel experience but don’t want to spend too much money, this is a way to go.


  • Trains from the airport to Venice: there are several options for getting to Venice by train, but it’s important to know that they all depart from different stations in Milan. The Malpensa Express departs from Malpensa Airport (MXP), while the Orio al Serio International Airport (BGY) is home to two trains: The Verona-Orio al Serio International Airport express and The Orio al Serio – Venice Santa Lucia Express.
  • Train from Venice to other destinations: There are several ways of getting a train ticket for your trip out of Venice, including at one of three train stations in the city center where you can purchase tickets on your own or through your hotel concierge if you’re staying in one. You can also book through an online agency such as Rail Europe or Loco2 that offers discounted fares across Europe—just make sure you know which station is closest to your destination before booking!
  • Train back into town after a day exploring? If not, then we recommend taking one of our guided tours instead so we can whisk you away from all this hustle and bustle for some relaxing time away from crowds.*

It’s easy to get from the airport to Venice.

It’s easy to get from the airport to Venice. From Marco Polo airport, you have several options:

  • take a taxi
  • take a bus
  • take a train (the fastest option)
  • park in Venice and use one of the public water buses or public ferries