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Whiskey Dispenser

Whiskey Dispenser

Shop a Premium Whiskey Dispenser

Whiskey and spirits are an essential part of the restaurant, hospitality, and entertainment businesses. A liquor and beverage sale represents a significant part of the business. That’s why you need to make sure you can serve it at your location conveniently, efficiently and avoid the waste that threatens your profitability. Today there are a variety of options to purchase to assist bartenders and staff in serving whiskey and other liquors. Among the alternatives you can purchase, top whiskey dispensers stand out.

A top liquor bottle dispenser allows the ideal service of different bottles of alcohol, keeping the product protected from the environment. This preserves the characteristics of the product, and also controls the portions, protecting your income and your profitability. Among the alternatives to get in the market, you will not find a better option than THE BARTENDER. It is essential that you learn more about our state-of-the-art vending machine, so you can see why it is the ideal investment.

Buy THE BARTENDER and Get the Most Out of Your Business

A Jewel in Your Venue

We have designed the most elegant and attractive liquor dispenser that is sure to be the center of attraction in your business. It has an exquisite Italian design, ideal to fit in any bar, restaurant and liquor store. You can purchase it from a custom powder coat color in matte or gloss, depending on the style and characteristics of your venue. It measures 39.44 “x25 “x13.83” so you can place it in your bar or storefront without any problems. Our equipment will allow you to accommodate up to 7 bottles of your choice while preserving all the characteristics of the product.

Perfect Portions

Our top-of-the-line automatic liquor vending machine THE BARTENDER will allow you to serve exact pours of liquor. You can select between taste, half glass, or full glass, according to your customers’ requests. Our state-of-the-art dispenser avoids spills and over-pouring, which will prevent liquid loss or damage to the product. This will significantly minimize drink losses in your business, reducing costs and increasing your income.

State-of-the-Art Technology

THE BARTENDER is the best wine and whiskey preservation and dispenser you will find on the market to buy. It is industrial-grade quality made, so you can take advantage of it for a long time. It also has our ISOL-Plus patented serving tap technology, which allows perfect preservation of uncorked wine for 30+ days, using argon. Also, it has pneumatic activated pistons in each slot to fit any size bottle. The design is combined with an LED lighting system, which highlights the labels and encourages the consumer.

Ultimate Customer Experience

Purchasing our leading whiskey dispenser THE BARTENDER will take your customers’ experience (and your revenue) to the next level. Our Wine Idea software will allow you a variety of options to create different experiences at your location. You can program it to do a wine tasting or a taste to buy. For this, you have a bar code reader with which you can use bracelets or customer cards. All this will allow you to stand out and make the difference that will take your business to the top.

Get a Top Alcohol Dispenser Machine

Since 2003 Wine Emotion USA has become the leading provider of wine and liquor dispensers in the country. We work with advanced technologies to propel our customers’ businesses to the top. It’s time to put you in the spotlight. To learn more about our industry-leading commercial wine equipment or to receive a free quote, contact us today.

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Whiskey Dispenser

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